Battle Brothers of the Jericho Reach

Something Stirs in the Underhive; Session 5

Where there is a lot of Combat

In the ensuing chaos of the furious melee that broke out, neither the Mist Reaper nor the Kill-Team caused any damage, and even though the monster was directly in their face, the Kill-Team still had a hard time seeing it. Brother Haakon, calling upon his leadership skills, managed to infuse the entire Kill-Team with his ethics as a space wolf, making them much more willing to brawl, and quicker to react to close quarter combat, a boon at this moment in time. The rest of the Kill-Team felt their reactions quicken, and Brother Curro bellowed out a challenge to the monster.

The Mist Reaper struck first, however, cleaving through Brother Drakhaus’s armour in multiple locations, trying to infect the space marine with its horrific toxins, something that Brother Drakhaus’s enhanced resistances repelled. However, the assault had done a lot of damage, but Brother Drakhaus was unbowed and readied his own attack. Brother Curro launched into the attack, slicing with his power sword and chainsword at the creature… but the creature was too agile and weaved between the swings.

Brother Elyes, standing further back, readied his bolter and fired a burst at the creature, which was concentrating so hard on avoiding Brother Curro’s attack, that it was hit twice, in the face, by the mass reactive bolts. However, even this hardly slowed it down at all, letting the Kill-Team know that this was going to be a very hard fight. Brother Haakon moved around the side of the creature and tried to drive his knife into the side of the creature, but it avoided this attack easily.

However, the Kill-Team, working in concert, had managed to distract the creature enough that Brother Drakhaus, waiting for his chance to strike, was able to smash the creature on the right leg with his force staff. Pitting his immense will against the alien mind of the Mist Reaper, Brother Drakhaus focussed his power through his staff, sending it coruscating through the Mist Reaper, and dealing it a grievous wound that sent it reeling away. The Lictor recovered quickly, however, and set its xenos sights on the Librarian.

Brother Calremus fired his stalker bolter from the back of the Kill-Team, and buried an accurate shot in its torso, his special kraken rounds tearing through the armoured carapace and dealing yet another wound to the creature. Brother Curro, seeing the incoming attack against Brother Drakhaus, reached into his heritage as a storm warden, and his reactions quickened as he picked off the first attack from the Mist Reaper. However, the Mist reaper was very agile, and the rest of its attacks go through both Brother Curro and Brother Drakhaus’s guard.

A Rending Talon flew across Brother Drakhaus’s face, creasing his armour back into his face, and tearing off his nose, the blood splattering across the monster’s talons. The follow up attack, smashed into his left arm, appearing to almost completely sever his arm, sending him flying sideways into the wall of the substation, with massive arcs of blood spraying for a few seconds, before the marines body stopped the blood flow. To all intents and purposes, the Kill-Team was sure that Brother Drakhaus was dead.

Seeing this fate sent the rest of the Kill-Team into a period of cold fury… they wanted this thing dead even more than ever now. Brother Curro, letting out his roar of fury, challenging the mist reaper, then launched into the attack, striking so swiftly that even the enhanced agility of the Mist Reaper was not enough, the chainsword cutting through the mist reapers carapace and into its torso, the chainsword screaming as it bit through flesh and bone.

As the Mist Reaper was reeling from that blow, Brother Curro’s ancient power sword came around from the opposite side and sliced a massive, deep gash In one of the Mist Reapers talons… and the Kill-Team was sure they could see a look of fear on the monsters face. Brother Haakon took a step back, out of its reach, and fired a burst from his bolter, sending the mist reaper staggering back from the force of the shots. The explosions from the bolt shells ripped the leg off the Mist Reaper, and the rest of the shells exploded in its torso.

Almost in slow motion, the Kill-Team saw the mist reaper fall, being driven down by the bolt shells, missing a leg, the life finally went out of its eyes, and it dropped to the floor. Brother Elyes wasted no time in collecting the severed leg for further study, and the rest of the Kill-Team spent a few moments putting more bolts into the body, and then Brother Calremus used his heavy flamer to make sure it was dead, having heard stories of these things feigning death to great effect. Brother Elyes approached Brother Drakhaus, fearing the worst, but was amazed that the librarian was still alive. It was, said Brother Elyes afterwards, a sign of the emperors grace and mercy.

Brother Drakhaus pulled himself up, looking completely battered, his armour full of rents and holes, his helmet gouged. The Kill-Team took some time to reflect on their victory, whilst Brother Elyes was tending to all their wounds, and also starting his study into a contact poison based on the lictor’s gene structure, although he knew he would have to wait until he was back at the Arbites HQ. The Kill-Team was about to head further into the underhive, to search for further xenos taint, when they heard what appeared to be a riot starting in the main hive, their enhanced senses picking out what they needed to hear.

Then their vox units, which until then had been silent, started crackling into life and they started hearing reports coming in from all Hive Primus about insurrection, rebellion and destruction. The Kill-Team quickly narrowed down the three priority reports coming in, the small arms manufactory, the armoured manufactory and from the arbites HQ. Taking a quick decision, based on where they were, Brother Haakon decided to move against the Small Arms Manufactory, reasoning that small arms can be used by anyone, which gives them a larger manpower pool.

The Kill-Team quickly moved out of the underhive, boarding their requisitioned chimera, and made all speed to the small arms manufactorum, using their maglev boots to rest on the top of the chimera so they could fire at the rioters. Whilst they never managed to completely break any of the rebels on the way there, their efforts did make it easier for the clean-up crews who arrived on the scene later. They made good progress to their goal, and when they arrived at their destination, they could see a mass of people in the streets, pouring fire into the small arms manufactory, and they could see some las-fire from the PDF forces entrenched in the manufactorum.

They quickly took in the scene; identifying the major threats… they could see some heavy stubber teams setting up in a raised position that would enable them to pour fire on the PDF’s position, which would quickly swing the fight in the rebels favour. They could also see a group of rebels moving steadily towards the left side of the building, their heightened senses picking out the tell-tale evidence of high explosives. The order came to the driver of the chimera; to just plough through as many rebels as it could before it got stopped, getting the Kill-Team into position quicker than would normally be possible.

To the rebels, it appeared that their doom had appeared, almost too quickly for them to realise. The chimera ploughed into the back of their ranks, squelching numerous rebels under its tracks. Brother Curro waited until he was in range, and then, using his jetpack, launched off the top of the chimera and landed smack bang in the middle of the group of rebels armed with high explosives. Striking left and right, Brother Curro sliced two of the rebels into small chunks, before informing the rest of them that their doom had appeared. The Rebels, under the control of a malign force, did not break… instead they attacked.

Launching themselves at the space marine in their ranks, the rebels tried to plant their live explosives onto Brother Curro. However, such was their shock at the sudden appearance that the only thing they managed to do was for one of their number to slip on the entrails of his fellow rebel, fall onto the ground and blow their own head off. Brother Calremus, as he had so many times in this mission, turned to his heavy flamer, sending controlled bursts of promethium into the horde of rebels, sending them, screaming, into the arms of their xenos overlords.

Brother Haakon, using the mounted heavy bolter, started laying down suppressing fire against the heavy stubber crews, his accurate pinning fire making almost all of them go to ground within a few seconds, and delaying them from setting up their weaponry. Brother Drakhaus, reaching into the warp, fired the emperors wrath into them, sending even more burning and screaming before they died. Brother Elyes had taken it upon himself to protect the rest of the Kill-Team, so was laying about with his chainsword on any rebels who sought to climb onto the top of the chimera, slicing them to pieces and kicking their remains back down.

As the Kill-Team was performing their deadly work, an obviously infected human stepped out of the ranks of the horde and challenged the imperials to single combat… his fearless actions giving the rebels a boost, and making the imperials less effective as they cowered in their entrenchments. Brother Curro continued to slice and dice the rebels before him, cutting down two of them and sending the other one running, screaming, back the way he came, his indoctrination broken by the sheer fury of the Battle Brother. With the explosives troops defeated, a cheer went up from the imperial lines.

Brother’s Calremus and Drakhaus, acting in concert as only those who hail from the same chapter can, sent more waves of flame into the horde of rebels, which was thinning noticeably from their attacks. Brother Haakon sent another round of suppressing fire into the stubber teams, this time succeeding in stopping all of their actions in setting up the heavy weapons. Brother Elyes continued to defend the chimera, chopping and slicing the rebels as they approached, causing so much damage that the rebels pretty much decided to ignore trying to gain access to the chimera.

Under command from the infected human leader, the horde swung most of their fire against the space marines, autogun fire, stub revolvers & las fire all flowing around them, mostly missing, and those that hit causing very little damage, with the marines not even bothering to take cover, so contemptuous were they of their enemies’ fire. Brother Curro, hearing the challenge from the leader, fired his jetpack, landed in front of the infect human, bellowed out his own challenge, and then attacked. His attack was brutal, but the infected human, despite having chunks taken out of his torso, was still alive after the attack.

Seeing the horde teetering on the edge of breaking, Brother Calremus brought out his missile launcher, and sent a frag missile into the heart of the horde, sending bodies spiralling into the air, and creating a massive crater where their bodies should have been. Brother Haakon, having suppressed all the stubber teams decided to take them down. In a display of absolutely amazing accuracy and devastation, all the stubber teams were taken down with just one fully automatic burst, a feat which even the most prideful devastator would admit was something special.

Brother Curro, in a fight with the leader of the horde, managed to parry his attacks relatively easily, before unleashing his own attack. The leader had turned around to his men, trying to bolster their ranks… he raised his arm to show he was still in the fight, but then the arm fell to the ground, he turned around in shock, only to stop suddenly, and then his torso slowly, but steadily, parted from his legs, and he slid to the ground, quite dead. With this, final nail in the coffin, the horde finally broke and fled the scene, the imperial cheers in their ears.

After a quick conversation, over the vox, with the captain of the PDF forces here, the Kill-Team decided on their next objective… the arbites HQ. Doing the same thing as they had done before, taking pot shots at rebels causing trouble, moving through areas of heavier and heavier resistance, but speeding towards their objective. After around 30 minutes of travel, the Kill-Team arrives at the arbites HQ, and are gladdened to see that the Headquarters has not fallen yet, although it has been breached, and the sound of fighting comes from inside.

The Kill-Team immediately falls on the rear of the horde of people still streaming inside the arbites HQ. Ordering the driver to ram into the gates of the arbites HQ, the Kill-Team began their slaughter… Brother Curro and Elyes hacking into the horde with their chainswords and power weapons, Brother Calremus and Brother Drakhaus continuing their reaping with their heavy flamers, one mechanical, and the other mental. Brother Haakon continued his spree with his heavy bolter, picking off squads of rebels in single bursts, opening the way for the rest of the Kill-Team.

This completely devastating attack shattered the horde, sending them running from the Battlefield, and opening the way to the inside of the arbites HQ. The chimera rams into the doorway, not doing much damage to the reinforced rockcrete and steel door frames, and the Kill-Team disembarks into the building… they are immediately engulfed in chaos and debris, but their auto senses manage to make sense of it. Brother Drakhaus fired his holy bolter, sending streams of exploding shells into the ranks of the enemy, his accuracy allowing him to avoid any arbites in the area.

Brother Curro fired his jetpack, flying through the building into the most densely packed group of enemies. Landing with a crunch, he sent the rebels flying into the air, and in a blink of an eye, cut them down with his melee weaponry, saving the arbites that were on the floor nearby from an untimely death. What he saw then, however, was something he had never seen before in all his years of fighting.

An Arbites sergeant, maybe the one who had sent them the vox transmission, was almost flowing through the combat, moving with almost inhuman grace and guile, sliding through groups of the enemy, leaving them gutted husks as he passed. His preternatural awareness saved him a couple of times, dodging shots fired from enemies that he should not have been able to see… it left quite an impression over the Kill-Team, with many of them suspecting the sergeant of being infected by a genestealer… but they had bigger problems at that moment.

Shots flew from the rebels, bouncing off the ceramite plating of the Kill-Teams’ power armour, doing very little, if any, damage. Brother Curro continued his assault, cutting down one rebel after the other, his body also a weapon, crushing humans beneath his bulk. Brother Calremus, acting after his Battle Brothers, heard some chittering coming from a room off to the side, followed by the sound of something being eviscerated and decided to investigate, moving towards the room, and fired a krak missile into the room. He placed his launcher on his back, and hefted his heavy flamer.

Brothers Haakon and Elyes, noticing the movement of their Battle Brother, took overwatch positions facing the room, noting that the Battle seemed to be calming down, with the powers of Brother Drakhaus and Brother Curro’s melee skills carving through the remnants of the horde. Brother Calremus, not taking any chances of what is in the room, fired his flamer into the enclosed space, the promethium easily setting the room ablaze, and getting a highly satisfying screeching coming forth from the room.

Brother Calremus finally saw what was making that screaming, as four genestealers came charging out of the room, scythed limbs poised to tear through his power armour. However, Brothers Elyes and Haakon had his back, and their bolter fire ripped through the skin of two of the genestealers, sending the abominations back to where they were spawned. This still meant two of the genestealers were on him, eight scythed limbs coming at him, slicing through his power armour with impunity, causing some painful wounds to the Battle Brother.

Brother Curro disengaged from his Battle with the remnants of the horde to come to his Battle Brothers’ aid, charging in and cutting through one of the genestealers legs, a horrific wound, but still not enough to down one of the creatures. However, this did allow Brother Calremus to quick draw his bolt pistol and down that creature. The rest of the Kill-Team quickly finished off the remaining Genestealer.

As the Kill-Team was dusting themselves off from the latest skirmish, the Sergeant ran over to them, which immediately put the Kill-Team on their guard… they had seen his almost inhuman reflexes, and suspected some xenos taint. Their suspicions were proven unfounded, however, when the “Sergeant,” out of view of his fellow arbites, suddenly changed form… this human was a Callidus assassin. He quickly sent them over ciphers used by Inquisitor Quist, which Brother Haakon immediately recognised.

In their quick conversation with Sergeant Mithras, the Kill-Team learned that he had been sent by the Inquisitor, who was worried about Xenos Infiltration. He had been tasked with investigating the Arbites, but he had found no suspicion of taint, and pronounced them clean, which meant the Kill-Team could go about their business without worry. The Kill-Team promised to get in contact when the current crisis had been resolved, and they knew that they had a powerful ally within the arbites. After giving quick greeting to Commander Quintilla, the Kill-Team set off towards the Armoured Manufactorum.

As the Kill-Team was leaving, their voxes crackled a result of the long range of the message. It was from the Rogue Trader, Captain Diaz Lan of the Horizons Pride, letting them know that Battlegroup Vishnu was moving towards the edge of the system, after their sensors picked up multiple contacts moving inbound. In consultation with the Kill-Team, it was decided he would follow the Battlegroup, but more in a shadowing capacity, rather than in a combat capacity. They pushed the Chimera out from the doorway, and managed to get it working again.

They quickly made their way towards the Armoured Factorum, noticing that the PDF units were in much greater vision than the rebels, and that the arbites had started to regain control of the streets… it was obvious that the Space Marines actions had turned the tide in two key locations, and that the rebellion was burning itself out. However, it had come at a price; with the Kill-Team finding the Armoured Factorum a burned out husk… explosions had ripped through the entire factory… it was now useless.

With the riots calming down, the Kill-Team made their way back up to the Spire, for a meeting with the imperial governor, who informed them that the assassin had tried to kill him again, but quick actions from his bodyguard had saved him, albeit at the cost of their own lives. The Imperial Governor was obviously a little stressed; demanding to know what was going on in his hive. He visibly paled when he was informed that it was a Tyranid Infestation.

The Kill-Team let the Governor know about their fighting in the underhive, and that the murders would stop now that the Mist Reaper had been killed, and the Governor praised their contribution to this Hive, and promised them honours after the crisis was over. The Kill-Team was joined by the Arbites Commander, and they went over their situation. They had lost the ability to make armoured vehicles at a rapid pace, but their ability to manufacture small arms, heavy weapons and maintain order (arbites) had not taken too much damage.

The Kill-Team also learned, after some direct questions, that the Governors’ astropaths were having trouble sending and receiving messages, and that some of them had been hearing a whispering in the warp… all signs of impending tyranid invasion. Closing his eyes, Brother Drakhaus extended his senses into the immaterium, and realised that the psychic pulsing had not stopped, and focusing further, realised that it was coming from very close to the hive spire, only a mile below the governor’s office.

After some more conversations about the events of the day, the Arbites Commander was dismissed, and Brother Elyes took this advantage to travel with her, back to the arbites laboratory, where he began synthesising a specific poison to this strain of Tyranids, using the Mist Reapers Leg, and the Genestealers limbs. Meanwhile, Brother Drakhaus had been thinking back on his arrival at the hive, and realised that one of the nobles who had greeted them, had his noble house on the same level as the psychic pulse he was detecting.

The Kill-Team informed the Imperial Governor that the infestation was not over yet, and, using their newfound influence, managed to convince him to sanction a meeting between the Battle Brothers and the main noble of the house, the one giving off the psychic call. The imperial Governor also gave them a few platoons of the PDF, and some arbites to make sure they could carry out their mission in peace. With this, the Kill-Team made their way to the noble house, announced ahead of time, and were taken through the expansive grounds to their meeting.

They are met by the Patriarch of the Noble House, Patriarch Barbosa, who has come to the meeting with his trusted assistants and some experts at law, trying to keep the Battle Brothers from suspecting him, not knowing they had a librarian with them. He met them in the middle of a crystal dome, with some xenos artefacts clearly on display, this nobleman was showing them how far above imperial law he was… not that the Kill-Team was bothered by this in the slightest.

Patriarch Barbosa stepped forward with an outstretched hand, “How May I help you?” he inquired. Brother Haakon stepped forward, raised his bolter and stated “you can die!” Before firing. His bolts were aimed true, but before they could strike the Patriarch, a shimmering field of energy deflected the shots away, to smash into the Crystal dome. The Energy Field appeared to be infallible, deflecting all the attacks that the Kill-Team could direct at the Patriarch… until, as if by the blessing of the emperor, the energy field shorted out.

Brother Calremus, not wanting to take any chances with what this could be, loaded a krak missile and fired, even though one of this Battle Brothers, Brother Curro, was in hand to hand combat with the Patriarch. The Missile flew true, landing at the feet of the Patriarch, in an intense fireball that burned away the Broodlord’s human façade. When the explosion cleared, however, Brother Curro was still standing, singed perhaps, but still cleaving at the newly revealed monster with the Emperor’s Vengeance.

The remainder of the Kill-Team hit the Broodlord with whatever they could, hastened by Brother Drakhaus shouting out a warning that he could feel a massive psychic build-up from the creature… but they could not take it down in time. Brother Elyes felt the full force of the attack, as the creature pulled warp energies into itself, focused it into a beam capable of cutting through tanks, and directed it straight into Brother Elyes. He flew across the room in a shower of sparks and Warp energy, to land heavily against the crystal dome.

However, this attack had taken a lot out of the Broodlord, and with its energy field down, it was very vulnerable. Shouting praises to the emperor, and Promises of vengeance, the Kill-Team fell upon the Broodlord, bolter fire, chainsword blows and psychic powers being enough to finally send it crashing down to the ground… the entire combat was over in less than half a minute. The Kill-Team could then hear the shots coming from around the Noble’s estate as the infected humans tried to escape into the city proper, only to be met by the PDF and Arbites.

With the cleansing of the infection over, the Kill-Team returned to the palace of the imperial governor, to inform him of the success of their mission. However, they good news was shattered by a single vox transition from the Rogue Trader, Diaz Lan. “Battlegroup Vishnu has been destroyed… incoming tyranid fleet on the outskirts of the System, expect Beseritor is their target. Currently moving ahead of their forces, but will be there soon… may the Emperor Protect!”



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