Battle Brothers of the Jericho Reach

Something Stirs in the Underhive; Session 4

Where the threat is learned

After an oath taking session that led the Battle Brothers to rekindle the bonds of kinship and, in some cases, friendship, between them, they made their way to liaise with Diaz Lan and his ship, the Horizons pride. The Kill-Team is informed that their weapons and items they have requisitioned will be waiting for them on board the light cruiser… they are also informed that a magos biologis team will be accompanying them on their mission. Brother Elyes had been reaching out to some of the contacts he has within the Adeptus Mechanicus, and one such team had agreed that, if it was xenos, and specifically Tyranids, it would aid their research.

With no further ado, the Kill-Team boarded the horizons pride with Diaz Lan, who informed them that, because of the shadow of the warp hanging over the Orpheus salient, it was unlikely that word of their coming to Beseritor would reach there before they arrived. Given that it was a month long voyage through the warp, Brother Drakhaus and Haakon, who was the Kill-Team leader for this mission, spent a little time on the outside of the horizons pride, practicing their Zero G combat techniques.

During the voyage, the Kill-Team kept themselves busy with various weapons drills, Brother Curro taking it upon himself to drill some of the troops that served on the horizons pride, which Captain Lan was very grateful for at first, but as the number of injured continued to rise from these drills, his gratitude started fading. Brother Elyes spent most of him time keeping to the shadows around the gun decks, providing many a mother a wonderfully scary story to tell her kids about the monsters in the dark, and what they would do if they did not eat their protein mush.

Brother Calremus spent most of his time in ranged weapon drills, Lan trusting him enough to realise that he would not puncture the walls of the ship with his missile launcher, given that Brother Calremus had swapped his heavy bolter for a heavy flamer, expecting that the more enclosed environs of a Hive city, even one as odd as Hive Primus on Beseritor, would favour this close range destroyer. He also spent time calibrating his stalker bolter that he had requisitioned, not wanting to lose the ability to fire long range either.

Brothers Haakon & Drakhaus spent most of their time with the Captain, trying to discover more information about Beseritor than they had been told. He did learn that the Captain was quite close friends with the imperial governor on the planet, and that would ease their presence on the planet. But, other than the rising casualty list coming from some of Brother Curro’s “bouts” the trip was uneventful and relatively routine… something that Captain Lan commented on at one of their dinners, saying that it appeared the Kill-Team was good luck.

As the horizons pride translated out of the warp, they were immediately hailed by Battlegroup Vishnu, headed by the Cruiser invictus. The captains of the respective ships obviously knew each other, and whilst they were not friends, they had a sort of professional respect for each other, although Captain Karrandan did tell Diaz Lan that he would catch him for the smuggling one day. Captain Karrandan did, however, have something important to tell the Kill-Team… since they translated to warp over a month ago, there had been more than 200 similar killings, and hive primus was teetering on civil disorder.

The Kill-Team also learned that the Battlegroup had been noticing blips on their sensors for the last few days, but they were not there when the Battlegroup investigated. Given the situation of Beseritor, the Battlegroup were not willing to put it down to errors in the machine spirit. The last piece of information they learned was that something, very small sensor signature, had managed to make landfall in the last two days, and nothing had been reported from the sighting stations on the planet. With this to ponder, the Kill-Team asked Diaz Lan to land on the planet so they could start their investigation.

After a journey time of a day to get to Beseritor, and after Captain Lan had received permission to land, and had been told that they would be met by the imperial governor himself, the Kill-Team boarded the Aquila lander with Diaz Lan himself and settled in for a short ride. They came into land on the tallest landing platform, a dazzling structure surrounded by glittering glass to stop the harsh winds at this height from sending everyone on the landing pad over the edge to their death. As the lander settled down, the Imperial Governor, a group of high ranking nobles and various other functionaries stepped out to greet them.

As the ramp extended from the lander, the Kill-Team got their first look at Hive Primus… but they immediately realised that something was wrong and they all looked above to see an indistinct shape hanging off the side of the hive, a high powered rifle in its hands. With only seconds to react, each of the Kill-Team acted. Brother Haakon launched himself on top of Diaz Lan, figuring he was the target. Brother Curro called out a warning and Brother Calremus focused his eyesight to get a better look at the assassin.

Brother Drakhaus, reacting with years of experience, took out a screamer and set it off, sending everyone to the floor, their senses overwhelmed by the object. Brother Elyes was the last to react, moving his boltgun up and sending a shot towards the assassin. His shot blew through the protective glass around the landing pad, and almost hit the assassin, before the assassin fired. The shot, which the Kill-Team could see clearly, approached the glass, and then phased through, before burying itself in the ground next to the head of the Imperial Governor… Brother Drakhaus’s action had saved his life.

With his shot missing, the Kill-Team saw the assassin moved away round the other side of the spire and away from their vision. The bodyguards were quickly moving the governor and the nobles back inside, as the governor signalled for the Kill-Team and Diaz Lan to follow him. They did this, noting that the imperial palace, near the very top of the hive, was absolutely gigantic, with each of the Battle Brothers thinking that so much more could have been eked out of the space, rather than wasting time with all this frivolity.

Reaching the imperial governors personal sanctum, the Kill-Team was informed that this was the third assassination attempt in the past month, and that the Imperial governor would be grateful if they could put a stop to them. The Kill-Team nodded their assent, but then asked to see some of the bodies of the recently killed people, as well as the body of the second assassin, which the imperial governor informed them was being held at the arbites headquarters. With this, the Kill-Team had all the information they needed, and so requisitioned an arbites chimera to take them to the headquarters.

The Chimera moved through the sparse crowds in the noble area of the hive and plunged down a few levels, the crowds becoming thicker and thicker as they neared the arbites headquarters. As they approached, they saw that the arbites had a honour guard welcoming them.

The Kill-Team would have been embarrassed, had such an emotion been understandable to them, so they just took it stoically and advanced through the honour guard. They met the Commander of the arbites, Quintilla Zetkin at the door. Quintilla was very awed to meet members of the adeptus astartes, with her predecessor being decapitated during the Battle to take control of this planet, over a couple of decades ago. She put the entire station at the Kill-Team’s disposal, and they immediately went down to the morgue.

Once down there, the Kill-Team dismissed the ranking medicae, and let Brother Elyes, the apothecary, and the magos biologis, examine the corpses. They realised that whatever had ripped the slain apart had been either biological or had been some sort of flexible metal. They also examined the corpse of the second assassin and after a full body scan and help from the magos, realised that the muscle had been super accelerated and, that this was caused by genestealer infection… with both of these hypothesises in place, the Kill-Team knew they were dealing with the great devourer, the Tyranids.

With this information, Brother Haakon was able to plot the “ripped apart” kills and discern a relative pattern to the attacks, which was leading down from the top of the spire to just above the underhive… although this hive had not yet had the time to create a true underhive, filled with the scum and villainy that the rest of the hive could not stomach. Their liaison came in and informed them that another death had been found, and Brother Haakon was able to confidently predict where the body had been found, much to the arbites dismay.

Taking the chimera, the Kill-Team moved down to the latest kill, and quickly deduced that the attack had come from outside, and that whatever tyranid creature it was, was fast, nimble and deadly. The Kill-Team, knowing they had to contain this situation, managed to follow the spoor of the creature, Brother Haakon’s wolf senses proving invaluable at this point in time. The followed it into the underhive, advancing cautiously through the vaunted tunnels and sub-power points.

Their auto senses, and auspexes, picked up movement ahead, from beneath a pile of trash. Brother Drakhaus advanced boldly into the room, and picked up the thrashing body of a hive kid, who was trying to hide from things beyond his nightmares. As Brother Drakhaus was trying to get some information out of the hysterical child, flesh hooks slammed out of the darkness and dragged the child, screaming, into the dark tunnel beyond.

The Kill-Team surged into action, flame, bolt rounds and psychic powers flying down the tunnel, catching the child in their crossfire, but not doing any damage that they could see of the creature, not that they could see the creature in the first place. They did, however, see some light glittering off the roof of the tunnel as the creature moved into a large substation. Cautiously, knowing to respect this enemy, the Kill-Team advanced into the substation, scanning all areas as they moved. The creature, a horrific strain of lictor, called “The Mist Reaper,” dropped down on them from above.



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